Slink 1.9.11

Connect to your Mac and home network from anywhere

If you've ever wanted to connect to your Mac or home network remotely, then Slink could be for you. View full description


  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Instantly access your home network remotely
  • Supports FoxyProxy
  • Connect to several computers at once


  • Intel Macs only
  • Apps must support Bonjour to be accessed via Slink


If you've ever wanted to connect to your Mac or home network remotely, then Slink could be for you.

Slink allows you to connect to your home network with the minimum of fuss and access Finder, iTunes, iPhoto, and other applications just as if you were at home using it. To get going with it, you must first install the Slink Preference Pane on a computer on your home network. Then you have to install Slink on the computers that you want to access your home network with.

What makes Slink such a pleasure to use is the fact that it's so easy to setup, even a newcomer to Macs and networking will be able to use it. Slink requires no NAT, dynamic or static DNS, IP addresses or port knowledge. Once you've installed the Slink Preference Pane you're done. Slink takes you step-by-step through the setup process to make it easy to share services such as iTunes, iPhoto, files and printers to other computers on your home network wherever you are. Almost any service that uses Bonjour can be accessed via Slink from anywhere although this means that there will inevitably be applications that you can't access with Slink.

Security is always an issue with applications like these although Slink supports the use of FoxyProxy in Firefox meaning you can access your home network anonymously and securely.

There are a few minor drawbacks however. Slink only works on Intel Macs and you'll need to ensure that all computers connected to it are running on OS X 10.5 or above.

Slink is a superb network sharing tool that's ideal for iPad users or those Mac users on the go that need regular use of their home network.


  • Enhancement: Support for QuickBooks 2011 added.
  • Enhancement: Support for wake on demand of home Mac improved when using NAT-PMP routers.
  • Bug fix: General bug fixes.

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